Surgical Team and Coordination Details

September 4-11, 2014 Surgical Team Dominican Republic:

  • Orthopedic Scoliosis Surgeons: Dr. Duane Pitt -, Dr. Jeff Wingate -√, Dr. Eric Shirley (FL)?, Dr. Kevin A. McCracken (New Jersey) -,
  • Approach Surgeon: Dr. Adalberto Gonzalez
  • Pulmonary-Critical Care Physician: Dra. Sassia Donaldson-Morgan -√, Vacant
  • ICU RN x4: Vacant, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant
  • Anesthesiologist x4: Dr. Mark Brandon -, Dr Leyda de La Rosa (DR), Dr. Danielle Young -, Dr. Anne Pinto (BDA)-Vacant
  • Hospitalist: Dr. Keila Pitt -√
  • Surgical 1st Assistant x4: Stefan Farrell CRNFA -, Tiffany Carter PA (New Jersey) -,  Vacant, Vacant
  • Surgical RN x4: Savanna Zorn RN, Brandi Budworth RN, Vacant, Vacant
  • Surgical Scrub Technician x4: Todd Lehmenkuler -, Lidia M. Parsons ? , Vacant, Vacant
  • Blood/Cell Saver Technician x1: Charles E. Superfon
  • Neuromonitoring x3: Lauren Hewitt-, Kathleen Calixto (New Jersey)-, Jacqueline Little (New Jersey) -
  • Hardware Vendor: Dan Kamm , Vacant, Vacant
  • Medical Admin x2: Amy Pointdexter -, Lisa Snyder -, Mark Soares (BDA) -√,  Jane D’Amelio ?, Sandy Mapp ?
  • Photographer: Misti Layne -
  • Videographer: Donatus Agbakwu -√
  • Medical Logistics Support: Jose Ramon Agramonte -√

Pending Sponsorship- *    Dominican Republic -(DR)   Bermuda -(BDA)     Confirmed  -√

Pending Schedule Adjustment -ǂ   

September  2014 Site Inspection Team to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea

  • Surgeon: Duane D. H. Pitt
  • Surgical PA/NP/RN: Tiffany Carter PA (New Jersey) -√
  • Surgical Tech: Todd Lehmenkuler
  • ICU/Critical Care: Vacant
  • Logistics: Vacant

Future September  2015 Dominican Republic

  • Orthopedic Scoliosis Surgeons: Dr. Duane Pitt -√, Vacant, Vacant
  • Approach Surgeon: Dr. Adalberto Gonzalez
  • Pulmonary-Critical Care Physician: Dra. Sassia Donaldson-Morgan, Vacant
  • ICU RN x3: Vacant, Vacant, Vacant
  • Anesthesiologist x4: Dr. Mark Brandon , Dr. Danielle Young ,  Vacant
  • Hospitalist: Dra. Keila Pitt -√
  • Surgical 1st Assistant x4:  Stefan Farrell CRNFA -, Vacant, Vacant
  • Surgical RN x4: Vacant, Vacant, Vacant
  • Surgical Scrub Technician x4: Todd Lehmenkuler -, Vacant, Vacant
  • Blood/Cell Saver Technician x1: Vacant
  • Neuromonitoring x3: Keven Sasser,  Vacant, Vacant
  • Hardware Vendor: Dan Kamm, Vacant, Vacant
  • Medical Admin x3: Amy Pointdexter -, Lisa Snyder -, Letitia Frye
  • Photographer: Vacant
  • Medical Logistics Support: Jose Ramon Agramonte -

If you would like to volunteer your time, efforts, and expertise to help others on any trip, this will require a commitment to help with logistics, planning, and organization for the trip.  We look forward to your help and thank you in advance for your help and may God bless you.

Dr. Pitt


Basic Equipment Check List for Each Trip

Kerlix Rolls, Stapler, Bag o Jets, E-tapes, Mallet, Peanuts, 3M Ioban, 3 and 5 mm soft touch burs, 18 GA Spinal needles, Ten tens drape, ¾ +cap +thyroid sheets, Bovie sticks + pads, Jerry Springer, Raytech, Laps, 10 + 15 blades, Blue Towels, Medium hemovac drains, 4 x 8’s Gauze Dressing, Fraser suction, 3”athletic tape, Caspar retraction set, TEDs, Masasol Spray, Mallet, Peanuts, Back Table Covers, Betadine Ointment, TPS Tip (short angeled), Pall (Blood in line) Filters, Gardner Wells Tongs, Mayfiled Head Holder, Mayfield Retractor system, Wiltzy Retractor System, Spinal Implants, Cervical Implants, Scoliosis Implants, Suture (Ethobon, 1 vycryl CTX, 1 vycryl CT, 2-o vycryl SH, 3-o monocryl, 4-o monocryl, 4-o monocryl PS2, 3-o monocryl PS1), Surgical Goves, Masks, Head covers, Feet covers.

Large Equipment and Supplies Wish List.

Jackson Table and Frame, Mayfield Head-holder System x1 (One already in country and we need one more), Bone Graft Re-supply, TPS Drill system and handles.



Travel Information:

Updated  31 July 2013

Dominican Republic, Santiago


Hodelpa Gran Almirante


HOMS- Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago.

Autopista Duarte Km 2.8 • Teléfono: 829-947-2222 Ext. 5000 • Fax: 829-947-2223, Santiago, República Dominicana

HOMS Fundation Contact Person: Osvianny Garcia 809-781-4197


Call your cellular service provider the day before you leave and ask for the international data plan (I use Verizon and it makes it cheaper to use email and data while there. We can all communicate easier and cheaper if you have a smart phone). It is prorated by the day and you must update your phones roaming capabilities while you are on US soil otherwise the data plan will not go into effect when you land in SDQ. There is also a plan for voice yet still not cheap. My cell phone will be working (602) 999-5471 or Keila cell phone number is (829) 284-9220. My email address is, Keila is My Black Berry Messenger PIN is 326293CA. This works great and is FREE! Text
messaging also works but is not included in the data plan and is expensive, yet cheaper than voice. Magic jack VoIP is great.


The weather is usually similar to San Diego this time of year except significant humidity. Expect 78-89°F for a high and 65-75°F for a night low. It is still warm enough to swim in the ocean and enjoy the sun. I is likely to rain at some point.


Exchange Rate is 41.9. Dominican Pesos to $1 USD

*****You  must  arrive in the country  with $10 USD  in your pocket for the entry fee.******

Tropical Medicine and Disease

Malaria, Cholera, and Dengue Fever to name a few, are endemic and various prophylactic medication is available through your primary care physician. A good resource for travel medicine and immunization would be Linda Alvarez-Thull MD. Her office number is 480-661-8348, and let her know I reffered you. I personally have never used any prophylactic medication. Just do not drink the water unless it is bottled by DASANI ® or has the filtered symbol on the side of the bottle, and bring mosquito repellent.

Health Insurance

Check with your local health insurance carrier as they may offer health insurance and coverage for emergency transportation to the clossest qualified medical facility (USA). Keila and I utilize a company through our insurance broker. You can purchase short term insurance that covers medical treatment as well as medical evacuation, if stable, to the US. The company is International Medical Group.

Local People

The people are very warm and friendly like any island paradise. This is a very impoverished country and people work very hard for tips. Theft and other non-lethal violent crimes is on the rise like most places. Please watch yourself (not much different than South Central Las Angeles, New York, or Detroit). Be aware of your surrounding and don’t travel by yourself. You will find the food very good and the history and customs wonderful.