Humanitarian Cargo

Maritime Cargo Shipment for 2013: Update 7/3/13 10:00 am MST

In preparation for the Sept 2013 humanitarian effort, and the large number of patients that will need to have surgery, we are scheduled to send a cargo container to resupply our surgical equipment, instruments, and other supplies needed to perform surgery safely and efficiently.  We will need enough supplies to operate 4 surgical room for at least 3-4 days and many of the patients will need the ICU for 1-2 days after.  These supplies will be critical to the success of the mission.  Our sister organization and surgeons in the Dominican Republic are poised and ready for

Hyudai Line.

  • -Container loading in Scottsdale: 7/10/2013 at 5:30am
  • -Container arrival at the Long Beach Port: 07/10/2013.
  • -ETD (estimated time of departure) by rail from Long Beach Port to Savannah, GA: 07/12/13-07/20/13
  • -ETD  by vessel from Savannah, GA to Caucedo Port: 07/23/13-07/28/13
  • -ETA  at Caucedo Port, Dominican Republic: 07/28/13

Current Course

Microscope/Cargo Update 10 July 2013

Our cargo is on its way to the Dominican Republic in preparation for our September Humanitarian efforts.  We had the help of over 10 volunteers moving over 600 pounds of donated surgical supplies, instruments, and a crated Olympus microscope and cell saver machine which together weighed over 1,000 pounds.
















Cargo Maritime Transport Update 7/23/2013

Currently our cargo is steaming from Savanna Georgia to the Dominican Republic.  You can follow the progress of the ship realtime at the following links.

NYK CLARA:  Ship Location






Prior Cargo 2012

Cargo Release from Customs.    Update 7/19/2012 at 1:14pm MST

The trailer finally arrived at the ISF office and storage facility in Santo Domingo.  This has been a long arduous journey for the resupply mission that was critical to future missions as we were able to move a large amount of antibiotics, medical equipment and hardware, children clothing, and a cargo trailer that will be used to transport spinal hardware and medical equipment to the facilities.

Praise God for the many volunteers who provided much needed help both in the United States as well as in the Dominican Republic without whom we could not have completed this project.  Special thanks to a very generous family from Anthem Arizona, Patricia A. Dunn and her Husband Jeffrey Klenske who donated almost 300 pounds of children and adult clothing along with blankets and toys.  We must also thank our local Hispaniola Medical Logistics Coordinator Jose Ramon Agramonte, who spent countless hours navigating the local politics and Aduana (Customs), in order to release the supplies from Aduana.

We just received commitments from both Medtronic and Globus for a permanent hardware donation which will increase the amount of items we will have in storage for upcoming humanitarian efforts.

The children clothing will be distributed to the children’s burn center here in Santo Domingo.  The antibiotics which are due to expire in November 2012 will be distributed to three local hospitals and enough saved for the September surgical week in Santiago at the HOMS Hospital.



Cargo Arrived in Santo Domingo.  Update 6/27/2012

Our cargo container has finally arrived!  It is currently sitting at the Multimodal Caucedo Port in the Domincan Republic.  The container has been off loaded and is currently waiting for customs.











Stay tuned for further updates!


Panama Canal Workers Strike.  Updated 6/16/12 at 12 noon

Our humanitarian cargo is currently held up in Panama due to a workers strike.  We have made a number of changes to the surgery schedule and may be forced to alter our patient treatment due to a shortage of supplies  Our container includes a cargo trailer for transporting  supplies to and from the hospitals while on the island of Hispanola,  medical and surgical supplies, children’s clothing for the various children centers (Burn Center, HIV clinic, etc) in Santo Domingo, and other items to make our Spring surgical week a success.

The medical supplies included: Spine Braces, Antibiotics, Bone Growth Stimulator’s, extra Ioban, Gelfoam and Floseal, as well as a fresh supply of bone graft.  We fortunately have enough bone graft and supplies to do most of the cases we had anticipated. There were a few patients we evaluated in clinic that we could not fix due to the lack of this equipment.

We have been given assurances from Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) that our container is receiving special attention and will be placed on the next available ship.  Lets all pray it is in time to continue our mission this week.


Scottsdale Arizona ISF Cargo Container Loading Event.  Update 5/14/12

We have loaded the cargo container with the needed supplies for furture humanitarinan efforts on the island of Hispanola. We are excited because we will have enough antiobiotics for the upcomming surgical mission June 14-20.  We have been given assurances from Global Relocations that the shippment should arrive approximately 20 days later.