ISF Volunteers

We currently have over 30 volunteers who at some point provided support to the agenda of ISF.  Only a few provide routine support.  Those members are noted below.  Without the tireless efforts of our volunteer core, any humanitarian effort would come to an end.

Medical Director: Dr. Keila Pitt

Scoliosis Surgeon: Dr. Duane Pitt

Cardiothoracic/Vascular Surgeon: Dr. Adalberto Gonzalez

Surgical 1st Assistant: Stefan Farrell CRNFA

Surgical Technician: Todd Lehmenkuler

Neuromonitoring: Keven Sasser, Lauren Hewitt

Hardware Vendor: Dan Kamm

Public Relations/Medical Admin/Bookkeeping: Amy Poindexter, Bianca Shaw, Sara Lossing

Hispaniola Medical Logistics and Shipping Coordinator: Jose Ramon Agramonte



Fundación HOMS

For out current work in the Dominican Republic, we are blessed to have the support of Fundación HOMS.  A local non-profit charity located on the premisses of the  Hospital Metropolitano in Santiago.  They have been a critical asset with many very good and hardworking volunteers that has made this organization very successful in providing a conduit by which patient can be evaluated and financially screened for need prior to obtianing treatment.