ISF Board Members

Keila J. Pitt, Medical Director

Dr. Keila J. Pitt is currently an active member of ISF coordinating patient care as the Medical Director of Operations.  She is a kind, loving humanitarian who enjoys treating the sick.

She is a licensed physician from the Dominican Republic.  Her medical practice focused on infectious disease common to the region and Family Medicine, and worked as a physician for various organizations providing healthcare to the poor and for tourist in need of help.

She is a graduate of Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo medical school at the top of her class and obtained advanced residency training on HIV in Brazil.   Because of her experience, she spent 2 years caring for children infected with the deadly human immune deficiency virus (HIV), and also worked for the Dominican Government treating the poor of the Dominican Republic for one year in 2007.

Her humanitarian work with International Surgical Foundation started in October 2010 and has continued to be an active member of the organization in her limited spare time.  She organized and managed over 20 monthly spine surgery clinics from 2010 to 2012 as well as organizing the logistics of patient care acting as a conduit of information, lab results, and diagnostic studies between Fundacion HOMS in Santiago and ISF in Arizona.  She also worked as the surgical assistant to the surgery team during each of the many surgical weeks conducted by ISF.


Duane D. H. Pitt MD

Dr Duane Pitt is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  He graduated from medical school at the University of California at Irvine School of Medicine, and completed an orthopedic surgery residency with focus on trauma, scoliosis, deformity, cancer, pediatric and adult spine disorders, at Loma Linda University Medical Center in southern California.  He later accepted and completed a post doctorate Spine Fellowship at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where the focus was in spine and scoliosis deformity reconstruction, minimally invasive spinal surgery, and professional sports related spinal injuries.
Currently he resides and works in Scottsdale Arizona where he is the President of the Desert Institute for Spine Disorders, PC.  He enjoys a large surgical practice spanning back over 15 years.  He has continued to be active lecturer for many different organizations nationwide on spine and scoliosis related issues, and provides training for both Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons on various spine related surgical procedures and evolving technology.
Lieutenant Colonel(Ret) Duane D.H. Pitt, USAF  was an Aerospace Medicine Flight Surgeon for the California Air National Guard.  He served consistently in support of combat search and rescue efforts of the 129th Rescue Squadron of the California ANG, in a number of different positions at different times from 1997 until his retirement.  This has included Comander of the 129th Medical Group, Chief of Aerospace Medicine, Chief of Professional Services, and Chairman of the Occupational Health Working Group.
Dr Pitt has been involved in a number of humanitarian efforts over the years.  In February 2010 he supported a medical re-supply transport mission directed to the earthquake ravaged Haiti.  In Sept 2010 he was the first spine surgeon to support the Surgical Humanitarian Mission co-sponsored by Fundación HOMS and Friends of Dominium Republic.  It was this surgical mission that sparks his interest in creating this organization to provide surgery, to prevent life and limb threatening conditions, to the underserved.


Bianca Shaw

As the newest and youngest member of the ISF Board (2015), she has contributed greatly to the foundation since 2012 working tirelessly in support of our many administrative requirements and organizing most of the previous fundraisers.  Originally from the mid-west she was raised in Oceanside, California and became an Arizona transplant in January 2000. Shaw has a background in Creative Writing and is currently studying Hospitality Management and Business. She has a love for the Liberal Arts, competitive sports and alternative clothing styles. She is a loving mother to her son and committed to the needs of the less fortunate through her work with ISF since 2012 and strives to lead by example, ethics and hard work.   



Sarah Lossing

Sarah lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and 3 young children. She joined the board of ISF in 2013, and previously assisting with fundraising efforts. She looks forward to serving as a board member and going to the Dominican Republic in the future to see firsthand the humanitarian work being accomplished by ISF.

For most of her adult life, Sarah has shown a passion for helping others, especially children in need. After graduating from Arcadia High School in Phoenix Arizona, she dedicated herself in a Christian missionary work in the United States and U.K. for two years. She returned to Phoenix to attend Apollo College and earned a degree in Occupational Therapy. For 7 years Sarah, worked for Deer Valley Unified Schools District and a children’s clinic, helping young children with special needs become more functional in their environments. With a specialty in sensory integration therapy, Sarah enjoyed helping children with autism, Down’s Syndrome and other developmental delays.

After the birth of her son in 2005, Sarah left her work as a Occupational Therapist to focus more on her family. She remains a very active mom supporting her children in their many activities, including sports, gymnastic and dance. In 2006, Sarah, along with her husband, started a durable medical equipment and medical sales company, which has allowed her the flexibility to work within the medical community while spending most of her time at home. She has worked with Cybertech and Aspen Medical as a distributor and in patient care, bracing patients with cervical and lumbar spine disorders. She is currently a distributor for Integra Biologics and independent sales representative for Institutional Pain Solutions.

Sarah has also been very involved in volunteer work within her community in North Central Phoenix, serving as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for Cross Roads Preschool and Kindergarten and assisiting with the fundraising efforts of PATS, a non-profit organization supporting education, as well as, working with another charity, helping raise awareness of childhood cancer.


Dan KammDan Kamm

Daniel has been a volunteer with International Surgical Foundation since before its inception in December 2010 and provided spinal implants on every trip including the September 2010 effort conducted by Friends of the Dominican Republic.

Daniel graduated from Upper Iowa University with a Marketing Degree and received his MBA through the University of Phoenix and is currently enrolled in a Doctoral Degree program at the University of Phoenix where he will study to receive a DBA.  Personal interests include horseback riding, motorcycle riding, golf, basketball, football, baseball, sand volleyball, fishing and hiking.  Daniel has hiked the Grand Canyon to Havasupai Falls, Mt Humphreys (tallest in Arizona), 7 Peaks Challenge (hiked 22.5 miles in one day all 7 peaks in Phoenix), and the Incan Trail in Peru ending at Machu Picchus Sungate at dawn.

Daniel has been employed with Medtronic Spinal and Biologics since 2001  Dan started off with Medtronic in Des Moines, Iowa and transferred to San Diego and then to Phoenix almost 10 years ago.  With Medtronic Daniel has earned the following honors – Medtronic Medallion Award Recipient, Sales Excellence Award in Biologics, Sales Excellence Award in Spinal Products, Olympus Club, and Presidents Club.

Daniel has been involved with helping others for many years, supporting efforts for organizations like Multiple Sclerosis, Colleens Dream (Ovarian Cancer), Susan G Komen (Breast Cancer), Juvenile Diabetes, Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Jo (Lupus) and International Surgical Foundation.


Darlyne M. Pitt

Darlyne Pitt joined International Surgical Foundation in 2010 and has more than twenty years of management, legal, and technology experience.  She has implemented and integrated systems and technology initiatives in varying organizations.  Ms. Pitt has composed project plans, work flows and time lines for the design, testing and implementation of complex systems projects.

In 1997 Ms. Pitt joined Sisterhood Infinity, a non-profit organization providing mentoring for young African-American women.  She mentored and worked closely with mentors and mentees to develop technology-related curriculums, and provided the support needed for pre-teens in the inner city.

In 2001, Ms. Pitt designed and executed post-September 11th business resumption plan, relocating technology and telecommunications systems from a single New York location to five locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

In 2004, Ms. Pitt joined RainTiger, Inc. as Project and Business Management Director, helping to oversee the publication of and other platforms geared toward visual and literary artists.

Currently, Ms. Pitt is Technology Director for Flemming Zulack Williamson Zauderer LLP in New York.  She plays a critical role in developing and implementing long-term company strategies and managing critical business systems.  Ms. Pitt negotiates and drafts vendor agreements, develops and manages capital and operating budgets, and authorizes the design of subcontracted database developers and infrastructure engineers.

Ms. Pitt is a member of International Legal Technology Association and a patron donor of the New York Philharmonic.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and International Business from New York University in 1992 and her Master of Information Systems from the University of Phoenix in 2009.

Photograph by Misti Layne


todd-photoTodd Lehmenkuler

Todd Lehmenkuler began as a volunteer in 2011 with the International Surgical Foundation as a surgical technologist and team coordinator.  He served 6 years active duty with the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman, the last 3 years as a Marine Corps field medic.  He graduated from Western Kentucky University with a B.S. in Industrial Sciences / Architecture.  In his junior year he was selected for the “Fallingwater Residency Studio Program.”  During the Summer of his senior year he studied abroad in France to further understand the development of the European Union, focusing in Economics and Marketing.  He later was accepted to the prestigious program of Taliesin – The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, where he received a Master’s of Architecture.  Collectively, he has over 18 years of diverse surgical experience, with the most recent years focusing in orthopedic and spinal surgical assistance.  Personal interests include photography, art, fashion, music, scuba diving, basketball, golf, football, racquetball, running, and sand volleyball.

Currently he resides and works in Phoenix Arizona where he is contributing to the expansion of the Healthcare Design team at Corgan, a large architectural firm.  This international firm has nearly 600 employees with various interests, focusing in Aviation, Interior Design, Commercial, Education, and Healthcare Design.  This creative team has an immense amount of talent that provides for innovative building design.

Todd has been a member of other numerous supportive causes consisting of NAHB (National Association of Home Builders – Student Chapter), Habitat for Humanity, One Global Fund, Pat’s Run (Pat Tillman Foundation), St. Mary’s Food Bank, “Can”struction, and the International Surgical Foundation.  He has volunteered over 200 hours of time to help coordinate several ISF surgical weeks and help facilitate cohesive team spirit and security.