Hospital Infantil Robert Reid Cabral

Hospital Infantil Robert Reid Cabral is the main childrens hospital located in the middle of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.  It is a very crowed yet small facility whos support is via donations.

On Monday 23 July 2012, the team of volunteers given the responsiblity of oragnizing and delivering the donation to the facility included Levy Mendez, Dr Keila J. Pitt, and Dr.  Duane D.H. Pitt.  They were met by the hospital administrator Angela M. Taveras and  Dr Rosa Nieves Paulino the hospitals Hematologist/Oncologist who accepted the donation on behalf of the hospital.  Items donated were 90 vials of 4.5 gm Piperacillin/Tazobactam, and two large boxes of toys, and mostly childrens clothing.  It was well recieved.