Hospital Dr. Dario Contreras

Hospital Dr. Dario Contreras is the only Orthopedic hospital in the region, and located in the Alma Rosa District of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  This teaching hospital with orthopedic residents suffers considerably from the wholeful lack of resources or donations, leaving within its walls many patient who are forced to languish in their hospital bed in a room filled with others in the same situation.

Due to the lack of equipment, doctors, and facilities, many of the patients in this hospital are left in traction or splints awaiting the normal healing process.  For long bone fractures, this is commonly the standard of medical care for many countries.  Unfortunately for spine fractures this is also the treatment which is not the standard of medical care in the US or the UK and many of these patients after their motor vehicle or other accident could have had emergency treatment with steroids, decompressive and stabilization surgery to help increase their chances of walking again or some improvement of their extremity function.

Thanks to the Global Outreach of another non-profit orgainizations, some of the many pateints are able to obtain surgical treatment after their accidient. The Butterfly Foundation (Fundacion Mariposa) is founded by Geraldine Collado and Dr. Andrew Moulton (Medical Director), and activley focused on teaching spinal deformity surgery in developing countries.

International Surgical Foundation on Monday July 23, 2012, provided over 339 doses of Azithromycin, and 90 doses of IV Piperacillan/Tazobactam, along with clothing.