About ISF

International Surgical Foundation was founded out of a glaring need to provide to the impoverished population of Dominican Republic, the very best in surgical treatment of all spine disorders.

ISF is the collaboration of Duane D. H. Pitt MD and his Scottsdale Arizona surgical team of whom witnessed first hand the extreme poverty resulting in profound neglect of many spine related problems which has left many within the population suffering from major neurologic disorders which could have been prevented with proper clinical follow up and surgical intervention.

In Sept 2010 Dr. Pitt was invited as the first spine surgeon to support the Surgical Humanitarian Mission co-sponsored by Fundación HOMS in Santiago and another nonprofit organization, Arizona Medical Dominican Friends.  It was this surgical mission that sparked his interest in creating this organization to provide spine and scoliosis surgery, in an effort to prevent life and limb threatening conditions, to the underserved in the Caribbean and South America.  Many of the people evaluated had suffered for many years with a slowly worsening scoliosis resulting in their inability to walk resulting in major and minor neurologic problems.  The lack of access for the poor to good Orthopedic Spine care has created a situation where many live with major activity limiting deformity, affecting their ability to work and support their families which further worsens their poverty.

Our team has now grown to over 40 professional volunteers, with special thanks to Bianca Shaw, Todd Lehmenkuler, Sara Lossing, Dr. Keila Pitt, Todd Lehmenkuler, and Stefan Farrell who are all dedicated to the care and treatment of those with spine related issues who’s access to healthcare is limited.  The dream of the volunteer Board of Directors and the many other volunteers is to provide much needed spine related surgical services to a population whose access to treatment and healthcare is profoundly limited due to their economics, has become a reality through the development of this foundation.