ISF Supporters

             ISF SUPPORTERS

International Surgical Foundation would not be able to provide the needed services to the Dominican Republic if not for the monetary gifts, in-kind donations, and volunteerism from all of our supporters.  There are many individuals who have donated within their means and we appreciate every donation big and small.  The ISF thanks you, and please continue to support our work!

Supporter: $101 – $500
Jonathan Lehmenkuler                        Don Crockett
Ann Seidman                                          Nicholas Johnson
Korey Boals                                            James Bounds
Dave Hooser                                          Gary McDaniel
Kimberly Cabral                                   Peter Kubitz DO
Edward Song MD                                 Angela De Rosa
Ronald Goldstein                                  Carolee Rosenquist
Tomas Dvorak                                       Fred Mapp
Jeffrey VanDrie                                     Kelly Sullivan
Lorraine Calderwood                           Joel Klasky
JF Bertrand                                            Keila J. Pitt
Marie E. Gonzalez                                 Gary McDaniel
Donatus Agbakuu                                  Brittany L. Maynard
Brian Glauser
Bronze Supporter:  $501 – $1,000
Brock Bruderer                                       Jason Wakefield
Eleanor Jones                                         Gail E. Weiss
 Kimberley Wimberley                         Canute Medical Management
Hyperion Medical                                  Ron Goldstein   
Joe Carlon                                               Carlos Faria
Barton Harris                                         Brad & Susan Sorosky MD’s
Lauren Hewitt                                        Jerry Sobel  MD                                     
William Hewitt                                       Bill Balogh
 Silver Supporters: $1,001 – $5,000
Brett Bruderer                                        Adalberto Gonzalez MD
Darrell Denslow                                     Daniel Kamm
Paul Marin                                              Life Spine 
Jeffrey Wingate                                     Lerner & Rowe, PC
Bentley Gallery, Inc                              Dent Wizard International
Scott Marketing                                    Laser Spine
Team Velocity Marketing                   Diversified Marketing Group
On-Air Sports Marketing, LLC          Scottsdale Active 20/30 Foundation
Crista Johnson MD                              David and Ide Pitt
Rod Newman
Gold Supporter:  $5,001 – $10,000             
Americare ( Bio-Materials)               Phoenix Magazine (Advertisement)
Codman (Bio-Materials)                   Baxter (Bio-Materials) 
Valley Anesthesia Foundation         Nathan Bibeau
Darrell Denslow                                  3M
The H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation
Rhodium Supporter: $10,001 – 25,000
Right Toyota                                      Orthofix
The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
Platinum Supporter:  $25,001 – greater
Medtronic (Implants)
Desert Institute for Spine Disorders

Diamond Volunteer: 10-50 hours

Heather Guire                                    Larry Wexler CPA
Robby & Leslie Taylor                     Nathan Bibeau
Paul Kenney                                      Levy Mendez Rodriguez
Lissett Perez De Leon

Jeremejevite Diamond Volunteer: 51-100 hours

Teddy Daniels                                     Maria Gonzalez       
Marcella Stevens RN                         Lauren Theile RN
Nathan Nitzky RN                              Chris Calhoun
Scott Gregory                                     Brett Bruderer
Ide Pitt                                                Tiffany Carter
Dr Nicolas Polanco                            David A. Pitt
Brandi Budworth                              Savanna Zorn
Dr. Mark Brandon                            Dr. Danielle Young
Dr. Eric Shirley                                   Dr. Kevin A. McCracken
Dr. Sassia Donaldson-Morgan       Dr. Ed Song
Lidia M. Parsons                               Kathleen Calixto 
Jacqueline Little                               Lisa Snyder
Misti Layne                                        Kevin Sasser  

Black Opal Diamond Volunteer: 101-200 hours

Jose “Christian” Agramonte            Sarah Lossing
Zoe Cardenas                                      Hipolito Ramirez
Darlyne Pitt                                        Amy Pointdexter

Grandidierite Diamond Volunteer: 201-400 hours

Dr. Adalberto Gonzales                Stephan Farrell CRNFA
Lauren Hewitt                               Bianca Shaw
Dan Kamm                                     Heather Cardenas

Blue Garnet Diamond Volunteer: 401-800 hours

 Dr. Keila Pitt                                   Todd Lehmenkuler 
Dr. Duane Pitt

Red Diamond Volunteer: 1601-3000 hours


Jadeite Diamond Volunteer: 3001 hours or greater


*** Volunteers, please remember to submit your hours to the webmaster Heather Cardenas at 480-656-4048 for proper recognition.  For every work day in humanitarian country = 12 hours***